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Turbo Map can be used to plot a Turbocharged engine's air flow against various compressor flow maps, to determine what compressor wheel best suits your engine.

The points fields are used to plot the air flow at different RPM and boost conditions. It is not necessary to fill in all points fields, just one if you wish.

If a point is not visible, you will need to try a bigger map.

The following is an example of using the points fields.

          RPM     Boost    VE    Comp Effi
Point 1  7000      12      80       60
Point 2  4000      12      90       72
Point 3  2000      1       100      60

Point 1 is the maximum engine RPM.

Point 2 is the RPM where maximum boost is achieved.( Wastegate starts to control boost pressure)

Point 3 is the RPM where boost starts.

When selecting a compressor that is the best match for your engine, select a flow map where the point the maximum boost is first achieved ( Point 2 in this case) is close to the surge line, this will ensure maximum compressor efficiency through the engines maximum torque RPM.

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