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1987 Toyota AW11 MR2 fitted with a Turbocharged 7AF-E/4AG-E20 five valve per cylinder engine.

The Engine Block: 7AF-E 1800cc fitted with oil cooled pistons.
Cylinder Head: 4AG-E20 20 valve head
Pistons: 4AG-ZE Supercharged.
Conrods: ARGO Custom rods with 3/8" ARP bolts.
Crankshaft: Standard 7AF-E
Compression Ratio: 8.9:1
Boost pressure: 18 lb
Power: 300hp at 7000 rpm
Turbocharger: Garrett GT25 twin ball bearing, 290HP model.
Intercooler: Water to air using a separate radiator to cool the intercooler coolant.
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The engine fitted into the AW11 MR2 without any problems.

Only major problem assembling the engine was the timing belt. We used the 20v belt and had to reduce the cam belt idler pulley diameter by 4mm and lengthen the adjustment slot. The timing cover had to be modified so the idler pulley would not touch. The crankshaft timing belt pulley had a new keyway cut, to correct the cam timing which was out due to the belt length and the 14mm higher deck height of the 7A block.

Intercooler coolant radiator is from a Suzuki 4WD and is mounted under the gearbox at a angle of 15% to direct air into it from under the car.

Fuel injection is Autronic Smc sequential, replacing the original ECU, the injectors are from the Turbo Sport Celica

Boost starts at 1000 rpm, maximum boost is achieved at 2700 rpm. The engine pulls strong from 1500 rpm to 3200 rpm, and from 3200 rpm to 7400 rpm. hang on.

We do not build this engine for sale. This is just an example of the custom work we do.

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