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2JZ-GTE Engine Installation. Lexus IS200

Modifications to 2JZ-GTE engine to allow it to fit into the IS200.

Engine sump hits the crossmember so the sump was modified for clearance.
Rear air intake duct fouled the car heater pipes protruding from the firewall. Duct was modified for clearance.



Rear gearbox crossmember was machined from a 100mm x 340mm x 30mm aluminum bar.
Engine mount brackets used, are two inlet side brackets from a GS300 Lexus.    
Gear stick was 30mm too far towards the rear. Gear stick support bracket and shifter rod (shown here) was shortened.


Engine pipe. The original two into one casting was removed and engine pipe joins directly on to the two turbo outlets.

The twist in the pipes is to clear the steering column.


Engine during installation in IS200

2JZ-GTE engine in the IS200