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We have installed a 2JZ-GTE engine and six speed gearbox from a 1995 Supra. The engine was originally fitted to the car using the original twin turbo sequential ceramic turbochargers. The twin turbochargers were replaced with a single Garrett GT30 475HP turbocharger, a year later.

The 2JZ-GTE was later replaced with 2JZ-GTE VVT-i from a 1998 Supra. The engine has a 3.3L stroker kit and turbocharger used is a GT35R 600HP. With this new engine the power is 543 HP at the wheels. The ViPEC V88 model ECU is used to control everything. The stock ECU is retained just for the multiplex system.

Twin turbo modifications when the engine had the original twins
2JZ-GTE Engine installation
Modification to add Audi COP Ignition

Current Single Turbocharger.
Original Twin Turbochargers
Acceleration Graph