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Is a 21' Connelly it has a 496 CI big block Chev fitted with twin Garrett TA51 turbochargers, intecooler and Autronic SMC model fuel injection.

The engine produces 1350 HP at 6500 RPM with 15 psi boost. Top speed is 125+ MPH.

The boat is the current world champion ski race boat after winning the 1999 world titles in Spain while towing Steven Robertson.

We were approached by the owners of Firebird in 1997 after failing to qualify for the 1997 world title selections for the Australian team, due to consistent reliability problems. They were selected as reserve boat for the Australian team.

As time was limited due to the 1997 World titles been only months away we replaced the old fuel injection with Autronic and fitted two TO4S/TA45 turbochargers and few other changes. The boat was reliable after this and went on to finish second in the 1997 world tiles.

For the 1999 world titles we changed manifolds, intercooler, ignition, cylinder heads and turbochargers to TA51 models.

The boat ran the selection races without any problems and was selected as the number one team boat for Australia.

In Spain at the 1999 world titles the boat went on to win the title.

7th of May 2000: Firebird wins the one-up Bridge to Bridge ski race in record time (37.06 minutes), taking 1 minute 30 seconds off the existing record. Average speed of 110 mph.

Winner 1999, 2000 and 2001 Australian titles open mens ski race.

Winner of the 2001 world ski racing titles USA October 2001.

Selected No1 team boat for 2003 world ski racing titles USA October 2003.