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Things I have done and made.

I live in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia,away from the mainstream of telescope making activities. I am working alone, no one I know of here sharing my interest. Apart from the many books I have on the subject I have had to find my own way.

With the first mirror I made over thirty years ago I got into all the trouble imaginable and had to get myself out of it. I believe this experience to be invaluable. While I claim to be no authority on the subject, others may be interested in what I have done and what I have made. This is not a "how to", but a "how I" have done things. l am fortunate to have at my disposal a small engineering workshop and a small brass and aluminium foundry.

For a period of thirty years I gave away telescope making to make Gem Faceting Machines. A few years ago I returned to it and set up a small optical shop. I am not suggesting that others should do it my way. I could be said that I have gone to unnesessary trouble. May be so if only one mirror is being made, but I have made a lot of mirrors. I have made grinding and polishing machines and testing equipment. 1 make cast iron tools for grinding. I get as much enjoyment making all this equipment as I do in using it.

Most embark on making a telescope to have an instrument to use. I am not interested in looking through telescopes, only making them. I made gem faceting machines for nineteen years before I ever watched a gemstone being faceted. I have never facetted a gemstone and never will. I have no interest in it. Yet my machines are acclaimed Australia wide and even overseas and have won numerous National and international competitions.. I have used telescopes though. But at seventy six years of age my eyesight is not the best. However here goes.

Laurie Hall