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Ultima Evolution Coupe V10

The Ultima Evolution is kit car made in the UK. The car is designed to use the GM LSx engine and Porsche transaxle. The GM LSx engines are small light and powerful. They are the engine swap favorite for many people. For me the car would just be another car with a LSx engine. To make the car more exotic it needed some other engine. The Audi V10 from the RS6 was chosen. This engine made 570 hp in the RS6. It used two small IHI turbochargers. I will use two GTX3071R GEN II turbochargers and plan to make 750 hp at the wheels.


The engine was bought new on Ebay and arrived in this box.
Out of box with inlet manifold in place
Flywheel was made to take Porsche GT3 clutch. Uses Audi ring gear bolted to the back.
Adapter to bolt Porsche 996 GT2 transaxle to engine
Clutch installed ready for transaxle (gearbox)
Engine with port injectors and fuel rail mounted on inlet manifold. The injectors are Bosch EV14 1000cc
Engine wired with gearbox