Many aftermaket ECU do not have an inbuilt electronic throttle controller (DBW or Fly by wire). This controller was developed to fill that gap in the market, allowing any aftermaket ECU to be fitted to the Ford XR6, Subaru 2.5L WRX and STi cars.
ECT Controller Specification:

   - 2 x ATMEL at 16 mHz

   - 6 x 10bit analog
   - 2 x Digital
   - 1 x On/Off

   - 1 x 6A H-Bridge with thermal overload protection

   - 1 x Open collector 3A

This controller does more then just open and close the throttle. Features include engine idle RPM control, with warm-up fast idle, deceleration dashpot, air conditioner load correction.

Also included is Antilag throttle control. This can be turned on or off with an external switch.
   - Controller has dual microcontrollers to ensure       accurate and safe control of the throttle at all       times. Main microcontroller process all input       signals including the thermal overload signal       from the H-Bridge driver. If there are no errors,       it outputs a signal to the second microcontroler       which also checks all input signals. If either       microcontroller see any problems, the power to       the throttle motor is cut.

All controller settings can be adjusted by the user, using the PC software. This connects to the controller with a USB cable.

   - Length: 120 mm
   - Width: 78mm
   - Height: 43 mm
   - Weight: 300 grams
   - Connector : 18 Pin water proof

Kit Contents:

- TF Electronics Throttle Controller
- 18 pin connector set
- USB data cable
- Relay
- Wiring and Installation Instructions
- Tuning Software and USB Drivers


Software and Documentation Download

- Subaru Documentation (PDF file)
- Ford XR6 Documentation (PDF file)
- Software

Kit Contents