CAN EGT-8 Amplifier


1. The amplifier supports up to eight K-Type
    temperature probes.
2. EGT temperatures are sent to engine management     ECU via CAN Bus.
3. One volt input that can be used to send volts, AFR     or temperature to ECU via CAN Bus.
4. CAN Bus data is sent in three separate frames.
        a. EGT 1 to 4
        b. EGT 5 to 8
        c. Volt Input
5. CAN Bus bit rate selectable, 125 kbit/s, 250 kbit/s,     500 kbit/s or 1 Mbit/s.
6. User defined frame ID's.
7. All values sent as 16bit values with selectable MSB     or LSB first.
8. CAN Bus status LED. Indicates errors.

9. Temperature range 0 to 1000 degree C
10. Cold joint temperature compensation.


PC Software for setting up the amplifier and viewing values being sent to CAN Bus. The status of the CAN Bus is also reported.

Setup can be saved to a file, or a saved setup opened and sent to amplifier.


Amplifier Manual: Download (29th August 2015)

PC Software: Download (29th August 2015)