Engine Simulator II

Test or setup engine management ECU. Generates many common trigger patterns. Software allows you to create new patterns and load them into the simulator.


2 x 25kHz and 2 x 500Hz speed outputs.
6 x Hall effect or zero crossing trigger output signals.
Zero crossing signals have adjustable peak voltage.
8 x Injector inputs
8 x Ignition inputs
10 x Low side auxiliary inputs.
4 x NTC temperature outputs.
8 x Analog 0 to 5 volt outputs.
8 x Digital outputs with high or low side switching.
1 x Digital PWM output.
Adjustable battery voltage from 6 volts to 19 volts.
Adjustable engine rpm from 40 rpm to 10,000 rpm
2 x Trigger pattern select buttons.
1 x Engine Start/Stop button
LED display shows selected pattern and running status, battery voltage, RPM, Cam1 and Cam2 positions.
Inlet and exhaust cam signals can be moved for engines with VVT-i cams
USB port for software communications and firmware updates.
2 x 34 pin AMP connectors.
1 x 3.5mm power supply socket.

Trigger Signal Patterns:

Pulses per engine cycle from 2 to 48.
Missing tooth 24-1, 36.1, 36-2, 60-2.
GM, Ford, Subaru, Mitsubsihi, Toyota, BMW.

More patterns added upon request.


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Kit Contents:

Power supply 110 to 240 volts
USB Cable
Adapter cables (for up to four adapter harness)
2 sets of 400mm long flying lead looms
2 connector sets.
Price $2750 AUD