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Ray Hall Turbocharging was established in June 1979 with the aim of turbocharging gasoline and diesel engines. On the 30th of June 2014 the company no longer installed turbochargers. The company now concentrates on sales and rebuilding of turbochargers.

Over the 35 years of operation, a lot has been achieved. One of our biggest customers is Freeport Indonesia. This is a copper and gold mine in Irian Jaya. Over 1,100 vehicles were turbocharged for them. We also turbocharged hundreds of vehicles for the Iraq war. These were armored vehicles that need more power due to the weight of armor.

My interest in ski racing meant the business expanded in the building race boats and their engines. These boats won every major race in Australia and many records. Some of boats also competed in the world titles. Wining the world title in 2001.

The total frustration with carburetors when used with a turbocharger, caused me to use fuel injection from the moment it first appeared on the market. This over time, lead to us selling thousands of Autronic and then Vipec ECU every year. Recently we became a dealer for the Link ECU.

The fuel injection lead me to have a interest in electronics. Over the years I have developed many products that were sold under my TF Electronics business name. One of the most successful was the engine simulators. These were sold under the AutoSim name. High end customers like McLaren (UK) used them.

Turbochargers Excess Stock Sale

Part Number
GTX3582R (No Turbine Housing) 803715-0001
GTX3576R (No Turbine Housing) 803714-0001
GTX3071R (No Turbine Housing) 803712-0001
GTX3076R (No Turbine Housing) 803713-0001
GTX2867R (No Turbine Housing or actuator) 816366-0001
GTX4294R (No Turbine Housing) 800269-0001
GTX4508R (No Turbine Housing) 800270-0001
GT2554R 471171-0003
GT3076R (0.63 A/R) 700177-0017
GT4002R (1.01 A/R) 774595-0005
GT3582R (1.06 A/R) 714568-0001
GT3582R (0.86) 714568-??
TA2403 (Perkins 2674A056) 452073-0004
Nissan Patrol 3.0L 724639-0006
Nissan Patrol 2008 769328-0001
Nissan Patrol 2.8L 701196-0007
Jeep Patroit 768652-0003
Bravo/Courier WL84/85/85A
All turbochargers are in stock. Prices include GST and free shipping anywhere in Australia. Turbine housings avaliable for GTX models. Prices start at $440.


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